2013 Year In Review

2013 Year in Review - Looking back (pictures to come soon)

Celebrating 90 years of Ministry

The Pentecostal Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is celebrating its 90th year of ministry. To God be all the glory! Truly, we serve a faithful, unfailing God!

In honor of this occasion, The Pentecostal Church is hosting a special celebration service on Saturday, August 25th at 1 pm. We are privileged that the General Superintendent of the UPCI, Rev. David K. Bernard, will be our guest speaker. We will have normally scheduled service the following Sunday, August 26th, at 9:30 am. Rev. Stephen Roy from Apostolic Faith Pentecostal Church will be our guest speaker.


We would also like to invite those of you who are willing to write a letter of celebration, sharing your memories of the ministry of Pentecostal Church over the years. God has brought many great men and women of God to us, and we would like to gather as many of those stories as possible as we celebrate our rich heritage. We would especially urge those who are unable to attend the celebration service to send a celebration letter. If at all possible, the letters should be sent no later than Monday, August 15th; it is our hope to be able to display them at the celebration service.


If you are able to attend, it would be most helpful if you would RSVP, by clicking the link below, by August 10th.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter of invitation and for investing in the ministry of the Pentecostal Church over the past 90 years. We are looking forward to being with each of you as we celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will yet do! May God’s best be yours!


Pastor Ernest E. Dumaresq



RSVP for POCC 90th Celebration
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1st Quarterly Men's Prayer Breakfast


On Saturday January 14th, our men's group met for breakfast at Firstwatch in conjuction with celebrating Pastor Dumaresq's birthday. Happy Birthday Bro Dumaresq!

The God of Yesterdays and Somedays


Many people live their lives controlled by the traumas of their past--their "yesterdays"--or their wishes for their future--their "somedays." However, it's impossible to truly live your life if you are fixated on a past you cannot change or a future you cannot control. It robs you of the ability to focus on the present, which is the only thing a person can truly effect.

In Isaiah 52, the Lord reminds the people of Israel that He is the God who goes "before" them and comes "after" them. What a beautiful image of divine protection--God is present in what lies behind us (the past) and what lies ahead of us (the future). And when we realize that God holds both our past and our future in His unchanging hands, we experience true freedom.

As we enter this new year, many of us look back to the past with shame and guilt over our mistakes and failures and to the future with apprehension and anxiety. But, through the Cross of Christ, we are freed from all that--God has provided forgiveness for all our "yesterdays" and hope for all our "somedays"! And what freedom that provides to live today for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!